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Monday, August 29, 2005

thank God for friends

I'm so grateful for my friends from KC. Amazing how the bonds of friendship can be so strong even though we left school 6 years ago. If not for Danlin's help, I probably won't get going on the Photoshop project. If I go back to KC, Mrs Koh will be my colleague! And so will Fu lao shi. Must treat her to drink kopi one day :-)
Thinking back on my secondary school days brings back lots of fond memories for me. Of course I have terrorised my friends enough in school by watching horror movies with them and cursing them in the midle of the show :P. Crazy. Now with this buzz on VS going/not going co-ed, I better pray that this will not happen to KC. Can you imagine what kind of uniforms the boys will have to wear? Pinafores? Oh no!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Yeah I'm so happy I finally got my laptop installed with the wireless network in NIE. So much the better to get things done in school and also on the train! All that travelling home won't be a waste of time :) So grateful to my super old laptop which has served me well since my NUS days. Surely this week is going to be another hectic but fruitful one.
Really glad to hear from my friends ungergoing the practicuum in AHS. Michelle says we're blessed to be in school because the practicuum isn't abed of roses. Hang in there, Michelle and Yilian. :) Michelle also says we're not to say terrible things about anyone or anything, although I don't know what she's referring to but yes, I totally agree with her. I'm beginning to see the need to be politically correct in everything we do. After all, Michelle also says we're public figures in a way. And that probably means we can't really be strutting around wearing shorts and singlets when we're out for supper at Jalan Kayu cos we never know when our students may come up tp us and ask us where we go to chiong! :P

Monday, August 22, 2005

monday's lit class-presentation

Ms Yee was late for class yesterday. She told us that she tends to get stuck in traffic jams on monday mornings. I think what she says makes sense, since I have to get up at 530am for morning classes and get a lift from my uncle who happens to work in jurong. :P
Pearl's group did a marvellous presentation complete with an impressive powerpoint and lots of hard work. My group was scheduled to present on Thursday, but Ms Yee mentioned that she wasn't going to grade us on the presentation so my team member decided to present by herself yesterday. I think the other groups in class shut off after that, because my team member went into such great details that everyone else went silent.
Ms Yee was impressed by the fact that we actually went scouting for the permission of some lion troupe association in order to use their lion dance music for our poetry package. I think my team member is really going all out to score for this assignment. I think I have another 11 more lesson plans to finish up but I'm nowhere near completing them. I wish I could use a Portkey and teleport myself off to Hogwarts for a brief respite before continuing on the poetry package..

Friday, August 12, 2005

nuggets of gold

The lit poetry package seems to be progressing for the better, but my group member doesn't seem to delegate duties to the rest of the group. She does things more on her own. But how do I get the msg across to her that delegation of individual responsibilities is necessary to prevent free-riding? Feeling so frustrated and bothered by that the whole day. Sigh. Today's micro-teaching by Chan Ying further convinced me that delegation of duties/responsibilities to the students when doing group work helps not only to prevent the teacher from subsequent burn out but also ensures that everyone is involved in the sharing of duties.
Today's geography class was the most fruitful for me, because I wrote down many notes, far more than what I usually write. Even in my undergraduate days, I was not used to writing many notes but rather liked to highlight all the lines in my readings. Looking at the notes I scribbled in class, I'm glad I took them down because I also tend to forget very easily if I don't get everything down. Furthermore I could really relate to the audio clip, since my convocation ceremony took place only a month ago. As I was listening to Steve Jobs, I understood the point he was trying to make about being different and not giving up on doing what you love to do. The speaker at my commencement was Ms Elaine Lim, the principal of Fairfield Methodist. She also shared about how she never gave up on this certain student in her school whom everyone had thought of as a gone case. This student was in the normal academic stream but she managed to work her way to getting into a JC. I thought both Steve Jobs and Ms Lim are inspirational because they make me aware of the fact that we should never give up on anyone, not even giving up on ourselves. Chan Ying's micro-teaching also made me see the challenges of teaching at the upper secondary level. The feedback provided by Mr Kenneth, Daren and Li Yan but alas! I did not write them down! I feel that Chan Ying has done a great job in planning her lesson and materials. As she went round from group to group to check on our progress and some disruptions cropped up, it was evident to me that the class of sec3s have very different learning abilities. Some were more quiet and others were not focused on the task. Some completed their work faster than others. I wonder how we as teachers can go about planning activities that can cater to such a diverse group? I did not encounter such a problem when I went through the school experience as my students had been co-operating rather well in their group work so I would like to know what I can do to ensure that every student can follow through my lesson. I've taken away many nuggets of gold in today's lesson. Just a pity I didn't take down notes towards the end!

Thursday, August 11, 2005

things to do

12 th aug do lit poetry package
13th aug do lit poetry package
14th aug start on lit essay part one
16th aug start on psychology essay


Even when things don't go well and it seems like the whole world is just going to fall on me, I need to remind myself to go on. To remember why I am here in the first place. I asked for it, I made a decision, I stick by it.