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Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Yeah I'm so happy I finally got my laptop installed with the wireless network in NIE. So much the better to get things done in school and also on the train! All that travelling home won't be a waste of time :) So grateful to my super old laptop which has served me well since my NUS days. Surely this week is going to be another hectic but fruitful one.
Really glad to hear from my friends ungergoing the practicuum in AHS. Michelle says we're blessed to be in school because the practicuum isn't abed of roses. Hang in there, Michelle and Yilian. :) Michelle also says we're not to say terrible things about anyone or anything, although I don't know what she's referring to but yes, I totally agree with her. I'm beginning to see the need to be politically correct in everything we do. After all, Michelle also says we're public figures in a way. And that probably means we can't really be strutting around wearing shorts and singlets when we're out for supper at Jalan Kayu cos we never know when our students may come up tp us and ask us where we go to chiong! :P


  • At 7:51 PM, Blogger danlyne.L said…

    hahaha! teachers! imagine if we see Mrs Koh one day in singlets and shorts, going marketing. haha! quite a funny sight though its normal! *gRinz*


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