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Monday, August 29, 2005

thank God for friends

I'm so grateful for my friends from KC. Amazing how the bonds of friendship can be so strong even though we left school 6 years ago. If not for Danlin's help, I probably won't get going on the Photoshop project. If I go back to KC, Mrs Koh will be my colleague! And so will Fu lao shi. Must treat her to drink kopi one day :-)
Thinking back on my secondary school days brings back lots of fond memories for me. Of course I have terrorised my friends enough in school by watching horror movies with them and cursing them in the midle of the show :P. Crazy. Now with this buzz on VS going/not going co-ed, I better pray that this will not happen to KC. Can you imagine what kind of uniforms the boys will have to wear? Pinafores? Oh no!!


  • At 12:25 AM, Blogger danlyne.L said…

    welcome welcome! But i may not be a good teacher in photoshop you know! hehe!

    oh! if you do get to go back KC, remember to help me say 'hi' to mdm foo! Miss her so much!

    VS boys in pinafore? i think i'm going to faint... hahaha!


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