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Thursday, September 15, 2005

all the world's a stage-i play my part

Ms Yee always reminds us of Shakespeare's very famous line, "All the world's a stage", especially now that she is teaching us how to conduct lessons on drama in class. Speaking of which, I love speech and drama classes, which I attended since primary school. Had stopped at Grade 3, and if I had not come into teaching, I might have continued with the course. :)
I've just read through Kenneth's longest email, and I'm feeling troubled. I guess it's because we've all forgotten our place as professionals and did not behave in a professional manner with regards to the fieldtrip to Semakau. We all got carried away. Last month, I bumped into my TPP instructor, a retired principal. I was just so relieved that I dressed presentably. She saw me sitting in my boyfrined's car and actually came over to say hi. When I take the bus home from Tanah Merah Station, some of the AHS students either smile at me or stare. I'm just so glad my dress code did not give them reason to talk. Even a simple issue like dress sense has become so important to me ever since I joined this profession. I don't know if my geog mates feel the way I do.
I'm also troubled because of the recent turn of events in geog class. Like Liyan and Ken, I look forward to the class every week because there are so many things that we learn from our peers and tutor. I agree with Ken that everyone should have the chance to pour out their grievances and then move on from there. Unless we snap out of the past we will never move on. This reminds me of Moses who led his people out of Egypt. He had a past to deal with too, his abandonment of the royal status and his crime of killing an Egyptian. I think if God had not dealt with his past, he would not have moved on to fulfil his calling and potential of delivering God's people out of Egypt.
This one week break is coming to an end..Perhaps it's a good time to ponder over the things we have learnt at NIE. It's not fair to dismiss everything we learn here as irrelevant or trivial or whatever. I'll just put a little reminder that Kenneth said to me previously, that our minds are like parachutes. We just have to keep an open mind, and that includes having a good attitude, not a loser/grasshopper attitude in the things we attempt to do or learn.


  • At 8:37 PM, Blogger wen said…

    Interesting, cos I had just finished reading that story in the Bible...

    Yes, we do need to leave our past baggage behind if we are to move forward. Sigh... I think we are all quite troubled about that email.


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