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Friday, September 30, 2005

d & d micro teaching

Daffy's lesson on pollution was so interesting. I think the idea of using Captain Planet as a starter to the topic was creative. Alot of hard work and preparation must have gone into the lesson. :) Perhaps Daffy had problems putting herself into the role of a teacher completely, as she went about giggling and bursting into laughter now and then. The ever-friendly teacher at work. :p

Generally, I felt that her lesson went quite well, except for the few students in class who made the lesson more lively with cheeky answers and arrogant airs such as the divide between the Chinese queens and the English queens. Shujun and I were obviously not getting anywhere in the discussion as the other two in our group were busy writing Chinese words all over the worksheets. Yenpeng also called us potatoes. (!) Actually, this kind of situation is quite real, as it was the case in my sec school, where almost everyone was more comfy with conversations in English. I think we all have to think of how to ease such tensions that may arise in our future classrooms.

Daren was a little nervous at the start of the lesson. His rock specimens were cute and took some time to prepare for. After looking at his lesson plan, I think that he should have tried out the game he had in mind, as I would like to see how a game on weathering may be like. :) I think that it was also thoughtful of Daren to list down the references in his slide so that the students could read more on their own. Good job. :)

As I went round the class and zoomed in on everyone, it was obvious that Ken was trying to get attention by playing with his phone and closing his eyes. Liyan was passing around some msg about the cup on the table which Daren did not notice until some time into the lesson. Rezal's intrusion into the classroom was hilarious, but I think Daren had done a good job in pacifying his request. However, now that security is so tight in schools, I doubt that any parent will gain entry to the class so easily. Overall, I think that both if them had managed to pacify the troubles that came up in class, so the lesson could go on. I really need to prepare and work on my micro-teaching! Really great to learn from the so many examples in class. :)


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