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Sunday, October 23, 2005

oh no not another microteaching!

Barely recovered from one, now preparing for another. Evelyn and I were sitting down racking our brains for the whole noon/evening before we came up with some ideas for a Lit microteaching coming up really soon.. For the record, these are the end products of our meeting-
Someone is going to be tortured.
Gender roles are being switched.
Someone is going to be PERFECT in role.
Someone is going to be remembered for trying to act cuter and younger than her age.
Perhaps carrying a paperbag with two holes to school would be useful-to hide our faces.

Embarassment aside, it is really cool to work with Evelyn. Just looking at her history lesson plans gives me the wake up call. Superbly detailed and very organized. I think it takes alot of courage to work with someone whose expectations are not the same as my own. It makes me more open and receptive to others' ideas and input. I am going to miss my Lit class. Really people from all works of life, esp one who has a discount on coming to class according to Hermit. Haha. I hope the discount vouchers will expire.
Really hope we put on a great show/act whatever for the microteaching. So nervous...:<


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