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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

libraries in transition

After reading my friend's blog on library services, I am blown away by the changes in store! I did not even know about these changes.
From Danlyne's blog:
I went for this seminar "Building Corporate Digital Libraries" @ Grand Hyatt Singapore Hotel yesterday and i think its so cool. I was reluctant at first cos' I felt out but in the end, I learnt alot.

Its like a humongous shopping mall where different librarians from Singapore, Malaysia & Australia came together and talked about the various web services they provide. Cos' I'm also part of the web team, I'm quite shocked at the different services provided! I mean, here I am blogging about my personal life, but do you know that libraries have blogs too? Libraries blog about book reviews and even their latest happenings! Ngee Ann Polytechnic is doing that! I think that's such a revolution! I mean, if you read and, you'll see them doing their "famous" podcasts over the internet. Do you know that Curtin University of Technology, Australia has podcasts too? My goodness... Libraries are really getting more and more different nowadays.

I think she is right. Podcasting and blogging are certainly changing the lib-scape of Singapore..and the world. No I did not know that the Curtin University of Technology, Australia has podcasts too! And the SMS a Librarian service? Wow! Service with style man. The library is no longer a place crammed with lots of offers so much more. I just need to bring my mobile phone and library card. :)


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